Balances 1990. Installatiom at Ileana Tounta Gallery


Paris 1963 - Athens 2011

I like those old balances, without weights, with the scaling marks down. I am interested in those privileged moments between YES and NO;the equilibrium which is not static; I would say not stable. The pendulum….

Besides, our existence is a “case pending”.

Daily Notes, Paris 5.6.1965

Idioms of Yesterday and Today
Giorgio di Genova

Passing to Theodoros “bicycle wheel” (1963) the reference to Dada is even more evident. Unlike Duchamp in his first “ready made” οf 1913, the Greek artist does not place his wheel on a stool but, mounts it, as if it were an acrobat-juggler, on a suspended wire and connects it to other elements, of his personal entomological fantasy, arranged to function as a counterweight.

In this truly extraordinary enterprising and extremely original work, Theodoros markedly experimental spirit, which does not lck in humor, has led him to create, further into his unstable sculpture, works of “Fragile Art”; spirit that literally soars into space; of better, soars in the conquest of the space, normally neglected by other sculptors. 


From the catalog of the exhibition “Ιdioms of Contemporary Sculpture” in Sommacampagna, Verona, Italy, 8 July-3September 1989.


Twelve Ray - Spoked Wheel
On Cables Counterbalanced by Sphere, 1993
at National Glyptotheque, Athens Greece

Rising Index 2007 at
the New Athens Stock Exchange Building

Rising Index, 2007 is the most photographed and widely published work of the sculptor Theodoros and it is part of daily life in Greece through articles in newspapers and the internet about the economic course during the last 15 years.

The work belongs to the timeless series of works “Balances”. The overall installation consists of two vertical elements that are balanced on wheels in the central inner atrium of the new Athens Stock Exchange building at 110 Athinon Avenue. 

The photos that are featured in the media usually show the lowest part of the bottom element  which shows a different aspect on our position, the pointers change direction.

Hyper - Tumulus Homage, 2011

BALANCES is a diachronic series of art works by Theodoros that spans from the 1960’s to 2011

The innovative work Insect Hanging from a Bicycle Wheel, 1963 marks the beginning of the Balances series. 

“Hyper – Tumulus Homage” (Υπερ -Τύμβιο Αφιέρωμα), 2011 was the latest artwork of Theodoros. The installation was presented at the atrium of the Benaki Museum at Pireos 138 and was accompanied by the catalogue “Homage” (Αφιέρωμα)  to Theodoros overall work. 

Hyper -Tumulus Homage marks both the end of the Balances series and the completion of Theodoros creative course in the field of visual arts and sculpture. 

From 2011 until 2018 when he passed away he devoted himself to research and the care and preservation of his work for future generations.