Delphics II

Sculpture for the Participation of the Public

Paris, France 1965-1969

The second part of the Delphics series, sculptures for the participation of the public, which had no pedestal, emerged from a sense that public space in post-industrial societies was breaking up, and monumental sculpture could not serve the function of expressing a society’s values and ideals.

Throne with Prohibited Spare Parts, 1966

In the Grand Larousse Εncyclopedique, published in 1975, in the entry Theodoros it writes: “… In 1967 in Paris, the Throne with Prohibited Spare Parts, a metal sculptural composition, attacks the culture of confort (confort culturel), that the work of art represents.

Midnight Alarm (Reveille Minuit) 1965

‘Reveille Minuit’, (‘Midnight Alarm’) was presented for the first time at the IV Youth Biennale, Paris 1965 where Theodoros’ participation was honored with the Rodin Prize.

Useless Question (Question Inutile) 1967
Suicide Helmet (Casque de Suicide) 1964
Artificial Sun Catapult, 1967