Athens,1974 - 2007

“Since the end of the 1960s, the sculptor Theodoros has systematically brought the medium of sculpture into dialogue with other media, including mass media, such as in his “anti-spectacular screens.” In the context of that era’s television, a medium that in Greece became a mass medium only after the colonel’s regime appreciated its propaganda potential, as well as in relation to today’s decaying self-referencing TV programs, these screens ask questions and demand bi-directional communication. In order to reinforce the possibility of communication between artist and audience through the artwork, Theodoros exhibited the screens together with a questionnaire that viewers were asked to fill in, calling into question the process and rules that govern the creation and reception of art as well as the institutional framework on which these are grounded.”

Documenta 14

Manipulations—Antispectacular, 1974. Part of the EMST permanent Collection

Without a Plug...

I wrote some years ago: “We exist through the MEDIA. And this is not necessarily a negative assesment, but constitutes simply an affirmation that society is understood as, and constituted through, communication.”

Since I conceive of Art as communication, I observe my own behavior as a recipient of information. 

As I am subject to the current audiovisual communication of the “society of the spectacle”, I observe the everyday rhythms of my life. Then I find out as certain that I spend a lot of time connected to the electric energy bind to the plug…which among others “needs” , supplies the screens of my PC, my TV and so many other projected images in the private and the public space – no need to refer now to the works of art which “function” only connected to a plug…

This simple recognition shows how dependent the current “civilization” is upon the plugs that endin SCREENS…Such dependence consumes the supplies of creative energy by wasting time in passive viewing, with the thoughtless input of information to the brain. 

As handy antidote to the addiction of the plug, to the dependence from the passive vission:

  • I realized these works of art…If by any chance I will restore some “ecological” balance in the system of my brain, if it will remain connected to the network of information of all my sensory organs.
  • I exhibit these works with the secret hope, that if I will provoke by any chance some lateral communication with the viewers, activating the human energy…

But “good intentions drive often to hell”.

For that, I am not all sure that my test of communicative “projections” will succeed to break through the sensory screen of the current audiovisual culture of the “society of the spectacle” , in order to touch upon the aesthetic sensibilities of the art public, beyond and behind the surface…

ὅπερ ἔδει δεῖξαι!



January 2005


Screens, metal series, 1974

Screens 2005-2007

Manual Energy for the Projection of Art, 1979 -2005